First Aid.


Most of us passed their driving test back in the day. The same goes for the First Aid course we once took. So why not do a refresher course – since we have such a competent partner with the Bergwacht Hösbach. No sooner said than done: on the last Saturday in April we met in the office to be instructed by two emergency responders of the Bergwacht on how to provide First Aid at an accident scene. The day went by in no time and was filled with a lot of interesting facts.

We learnt how to keep the upper body of a person in an upright position in case of a heart attack and to lay them down flat with legs elevated when someone suffers a stroke. We even learnt that the good old recovery position has undergone some changes over the years. Of course, we could practise all resuscitation measures and we certainly would have broken the dummy’s ribs, if it had had any.

All in all we had a lot of fun and we now know what to do when we approach an accident scene. We also know that we won’t take so long before we take the next refresher course. 

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