Word Café meets with positive Response.


What does Word Café actually mean? Well, it is designed as a compact workshop which allows an in-depth approach towards certain topics i.e. to dive deeper into creative marketing and distribution. Attendants are those interested and experts from a variety of backgrounds and the sharing of views and experiences is beneficial to all of them. The event is hosted by Beatrice Brenner from BVMW and Arnd Grootz, who is also responsible for the event in another function.

The Word Café takes place on a regular basis several times per year and it’s becoming more and more popular. How much the event is appreciated and how positive participants are about it, becomes evident in the feedback they give:

(…) It starts with the organisation, meeting different participants from a variety of backgrounds and the topics that are dealt with, up to the group work, which is highly constructive: this workshop is an experience that I am going to file in the section “enrichment”. I am already looking forward to the next event. 

Kind regards

Karen Desch, PR + Marketing, IDS Logistik GmbH Kleinostheim

Many thanks to all of you and the BVMW as the organisers, but also to all participants who really showed commitment and dedication. The participants were very involved and eager to find out about  “Corporate Identity and Corporate Design” and it was obvious that they thoroughly enjoyed the work in a relaxed environment. The exercise revealed that those present had once again become aware of the key role that both - CI and CD - play (…)

Kind regards

Christiane Wagner – Translator

By the way: Simply sign up for the Word Café on the website! 

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