Our range of services.

To cover a wide array of projects is second nature to us – there’s virtually nothing we can’t do

What is it that makes you special? In which field do you outperform your competitors? How can you (on a seemingly equal performance level) give your products a distinct expression that makes them unique? We’ll help you find the right answers to these questions.

We are the experts in communication - you can literally feel our enthusiasm. And as complex and manifold as your assignments may be, as versatile are the methods and measures we develop to match your needs and requirements. A catchy slogan is no longer sufficient to give you an edge over your competitors – and to keep it that way. 

  • Analysis

    At the beginning there is always an analysis. “If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable” –already Seneca knew this back in the day. We’ll come to see you and talk about your enterprise, your corporate goals, your market and your target groups. In a joint approach we will look at the marketing goals that can be derived from this initial assessment and ensure their achievement together with you.

  • MarketingConsulting

    We suggest measures that have been tailored to your business, industry and target groups. This is usually a blend of different activities, measures and communication channels, in line with the objectives you intend to pursue and the target group you wish to address. 

  • Strategy Development

    The strategy defines the stages that are necessary to move from your current state of corporate communication to your future vision. Sounds pretty dry and theoretical, but comes in very handy – and indispensable! – especially when we talk about the long-term success of your venture. Adopting an unbiased view from outside, we develop appropriate strategies for you. Thus drawbacks and opportunities can be identified which are easily overlooked when seen only from an internal point of view. 

  • Communication Concepts

    This is our way of pooling all promotional activities and bringing them into shape in an easily understandable concept i.e. well positioned within the framework of the overall notion or slogan. Our aim is to visualise that all measures are part of one overall concept, which is geared towards one joint goal: Building synergies to achieve maximum effectiveness.

  • Corporate Design

    Logo and business papers give your enterprise a face – and this face needs a makeover every now and then. We will optimise your external image to improve the way your business is perceived from the outside. Anything can be done to improve your visibility to the public: just a touch-up or a complete design overhaul, we give your public appearance a fresh, contemporary look.

  • Sales Promotion

    We develop those promotional measures for you that actually do work. Because they are out of the ordinary and designed to attract attention. We can introduce a sales folder with response element, give support at the point of sale or run a contest with letter shop service – our range of services also includes the upkeep your customer data base by verifying address details. This is what sales departments really appreciate. We help them generate active and substantial leads.

  • Coaching

    Admittedly, it is rather unusual that a communication agency offers staff coaching. We do it anyway. We believe that the proximity to your customers can make all the difference for the customer’s buying decision, just as much as the service or product quality. Furthermore, we support your staff to enhance their internal communication in order to improve workflow and efficiency. 

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