System Provider of Fuel and Service Cards: UTA

Our customer since: 2012

Job: Idea and design work for the lauch of the new brand at the logistics fair in Munich in May 2015 and the Truck Grand Prix at the Nürburgring in June 2015.

Background: We have been supporting our customer UTA in different communication fields since 2012. It started with activities in dialogue marketing and a complete overhaul of their corporate design, then the re-development of the corporate and UTA Club website and managing their advertising in relevant European professional periodicals.  In addition, we have provided the business with communication tools that are used at trade fairs and events. Traditionally, UTA has had a strong presence at the logistics exhibition as well as the Truck Grand Prix for a number of years. Consequently, for reasons of brand maintenance and brand recognition, it is crucial to create new impetus by adding new elements.

Scope: Idea-finding and design of communication surfaces, development of key visuals and implementation of a special mailing which was sent out with trade fair invitation.

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